how will I ever explain why I love you
it's easy to say
you look great in your body
it suits you
so don't even change a button

your greatness shimmers in
and, all of a sudden,
through your eyes
your grandeur is shown in
the way you make yourself walk
you sprinkle what's around you

it still is so easy to say,
but how to live up to it
will my touch ever be
sensitive enough to reach you
the way you deserve and yearn for

I might make you a run-away
and all I want is you near

you grow and I grow
I keep you in one place, in my place
and all you want is to fly
so I close the roof-windows
and you crawl out the basement
and you fly, and you fly
and you fly a mighty wing
tears in my eyes all that beauty,
and I stumble in reaching
the sky you already left.
then you're at a distance
and my speeding so slow,
still, in your winking
I'll reach the getting ahead.

I never get out of the house
afraid to meet someone
that knew us and I would have to talk
'bout us, how I miss you
since you're gone

never get out of the house
afraid to meet someone
that reminds me of you, the way
you walked and talked and
looked and me no longer being
able to express myself to you
never more to hold you
never more to scold you

and all of a sudden I realize
you're not dead, yet,
only sixty miles away,
and I can, still, call you,
and I can, still, touch you,
all I've to do is get to you

so why don't I

noone ever understood about us,
so how will they now
this phase we're fighting through,
is hardly discussable at all
so will I speak with them?
guess not.

so far away you are and yet
so close I know you here
you find your way I wait
and learn change my dipers myself

I drink a lot these days
and yes, this way I sleep
long dreamless sleeps
hang-overs just myself to blame

there's words enough for me
but lack of melody
my blood is pounding blue a rhytm
in longing for your notes.

you write me or give me a call
I spent my summer waiting
in love for you I fall
time and again and hating
myself for will not change it at all.

they said she's my better half
but it's not true
she's part of me
she makes me a whole,
but I'm complete myself
and she's complete herself

yet I fullfill her
as she fullfills me
oh man, I'm drunk
for she's not here right now
I can't stand my lacking of her

there, just, sudden moving
clothes caressing skin
shoulderbone and rib cage
gentle muscle ruffling
intestines protest
nauseating desire
gone all rest and peace
my base a flittering wink
watermouth, drowning lungs
vocal cords knots round my throat

what's keeping me here
just want to be there

all I want to share with you
not knowing how to reach out
would I call you or wait for your call

just been fucking a phantom
slides in my head at random
and in the end always you
in whom I express myself
if only you knew,
but you do

there's no doubt
you do
you count on me being
ever on your mindstep
waiting for your word

a gesture, a kiss, and
in the end, your love

graag zou ik jou naar mijn huis voeren, ontvoeren
naar het onaffe beeld van mijn geliefde
en daarna in offerande
jou troosten met mijn

ons drietal leidend
naar hogere graden
van perfect

zacht het leven dansend
viool, piano, trekharmoon

het wordt lichter
nu de avond valt
een spreeuwenzwerm slijpt
haar messen,
verlate kinderen verstoppen zich
de avondbries valt uit
een laatste schreeuw verwaait
wij draaien hoge achten
waar we ze niet verwachtten
een zachte wang beroert
vlagen intimiteit