stamp-clad belt and palette of chakras

His first official impression - and we dare say an overwhelming experience it was - took place on December 17, 2007 (around 14.30 o'clock) in the VIP-quarters of Tilburg's local soccer-stadium witnessed by a couple of hundred flabbergasted people. The storming of a catwalk with a length of 18 meters took exactly one minute and 7 seconds (it's in the details you will find mastery), the occasion was an account rendering conference (some showing off included) of project EQUAL Duurzaam van Start [the latter part of which stands for: Lasting Take-off]. Laprino's stamping was (from a safe distance) digitally recorded (look at it if you want) and accompanied by a joyously recited text ending in "something miraculous: filling blank paper with ink" or words with a comparable message (you can read it for yourself).

A ceremonial portrait with bells and whistles and all was made soon after the flashy and smashing appearance on the red carpet - since trying to make one during the act resulted in over-exposed stars and stripes because of overall reflections.

What's this now? Anyway not the above-mentioned image I promise(d) you - will find out where it went. Really, let's lose the loaded backpack - and still no sign of anything colourful, just some scribblings on a trouserleg.