thony, sta cruz, bolivia, febrero 1993

curriculum vitae


name: thony van gerwen
telephone: # 31 [0]13 5352502


1970H.B.S.-B (Highschool), diploma.
'73 - '80Amsterdam, Municipal University of ~, Dutch Linguistics & Literature. 1st Phase.
'87 - '88Amsterdam, training for Taaldrukker [language printer], certificate, later changed into a diploma (sort of Bachelor's degree): Consulent Literaire (of Taal)vorming [advisory expert on literary or language education].
'92Utrecht, C.V.K., Application-course Desk Top Publishing, certified.
'93 - '94Eindhoven, Lyceum for Graphics, Quark Xpress I & II, with certificate.
2000Utrecht, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Appoint Training, Flash, Dreamweaver, JavaScript, all certified.


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